How to perform the side tasks of a startup

In the same way that a human needs its members to function, the company also needs certain functions to exist. Accounting, legal services or communication are professions in their own right that require specific skills. This is not the competence of the project leaders. Large companies can afford to hire people to do this because they have the means to do so. But for startups, this is tricky. How do they manage these functions? We all tell you in this article.

Problems encountered

Let’s take the example of the creation of a company. To do so, you have to go through the following series of formalities:

  • Drafting of statutes. When you create your startup and choose your legal status, you must also write a statute. The statute is a document that includes all the rules of organization and operation of a company. This step is unavoidable because you will need this document to obtain the registration of your company. The drafting of this document requires legal knowledge that only a specialist has. It is then necessary to call upon a lawyer or a jurist. For more understanding, you can read this article.
  • Deposit at the bank of the cash contribution of the share capital. This formality is mandatory for all companies. It does not require any specific skills but an accompaniment in terms of when to deposit it or how to do it etc…
  • The Publication of the Legal Notice is an announcement. It is published in a newspaper of legal announcements and contains the legal information of your company. It also requires an accompaniment when you know nothing about it. There are requirements concerning the content. Once again, the project leader needs guidance.
  • Domiciliation of the company
  • Submission of the creation file

These formalities are mandatory steps by which all companies submit themselves. Some of them require specific skills and the biggest risk is to do things that do not comply with the law. We are not saying that it is impossible for an entrepreneur to do it alone. On the contrary, there are several articles on the web that will guide you through each step. But the risk of error is consequent. It is not for nothing that this requires separate trades.

Then there are the basic functions of a business such as accounting, which is a heavy workload and requires skills in this area. There is also the communication and promotion of your freshly created startup. Or the management of human resources.

All these tasks take time and require skills that project leaders do not have. This is why startups need incubators that guide them step by step to carry them out. There are also incubators that offer this service directly.

Startup’s pratique


Startups perform these mandatory functions without recruiting, but they do use outside professionals. They outsource.

  • For legal services, startups turn to either law firms such as Hashtag Avocats, or online services such as legalstart and legalplace.
  • For accounting, companies can turn to online accounting firms such as SBA compta, Pennylane or Dougs or to chartered accountants.
  • For human resources management, startups use resource management software such as Lucca.
  • Communication is also outsourced to communication agencies such as RP DIGITAL.


The easiest way for startups is to subscribe to an offer from their incubator which will take care of these different tasks. This is the most common practice.

Our alternative

Startups need to get rid of these everyday tasks. In order to do so, they call upon the various means mentioned above. Our approach focuses on foreign startups that are setting up in the market and need to focus on their core business. Thanks to future partners and affiliate links, foreign startups will be able to benefit from these services at an affordable price. This will benefit them because as soon as they arrive in France, they will face a flood of administrative procedures that will keep them away from the growth of their business. We will offer services such as accounting, legal services, administration, insurance underwriting and all services related to relocation. The latter will be the spearhead of our offer because we will take care of all the steps related to the regularization of their stay in France.

Are you interested? Do you find ways to improve? Do not hesitate to let us know. Our mailbox is waiting for you 🙂 .

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