Association Start in France

Promote responsible, inclusive and sustainable innovation

Our goal

Our association aims to promote responsible, inclusive and sustainable innovation in France and in Europe, in particular through the organization of one-off or regular events, as well as through various publications and all other means likely to contribute to the achievement of this corporate purpose.

Our Story

Startup SAFARI

It all started during a meeting in Myanmar in the spring of 2016 … but it would go back really far.

Where everything starts is at the Startup Safary Berlin in November 2016. Ondrej meets Vincent there after ten years that they had lost sight of each other. The old friendship rediscovered, they spend 3 days together discovering the German capital through visits to actors and emblematic places of the local startup scene. A moment rich in meetings, exchanges and discovery. When they get back they decide to launch the event in France.

Thing said, done in March 2017 is the first edition of Startup Safary Paris. From the start, the goal is to make this event the most inclusive and to open as many doors as possible to this ecosystem to as many people as possible.

Our philosophy

We are convinced that it is through innovation, both technological and social, that the future of our societies passes. Openness and inclusion guarantee more sustainable, responsible and fairer innovation.

Our objective is, through our actions, to open and connect innovation ecosystems so that their actors are more socially committed and more responsible towards the environment.

Inclusion should not be just a posture but a real commitment that translates into actions directly. We like to call it “inclusion by design”, meaning from the start to include as many people as possible.

Start in France NGO

In 2020, following the cancellation of the 4th edition of Startup SAFARI because of the health situation, we decided to create the Start in France association to further underline our commitment to openness and inclusion in the ecosystem of startups.

We thus distinguish our consulting activity for innovative companies carried out by Start in France SAS and the non-profit activities with the collective interest that drive us on a daily basis.

The main event organized by the association is Startup SAFARI Paris. In our project, we want to continue our actions throughout the year to open doors and connect the many ecosystems that exist.

We know that we still have a long way to go to make our events and actions as inclusive as possible.

Knowing our shortcomings, we work on them daily and it is thanks to our partners that we manage to approach the goal.

Join us and help us open the doors to innovation ecosystems.

Openness and inclusion are the guarantors of more sustainable, responsible and fairer innovation

— Ondrej & Vincent —