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How to create a web site with React

In Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience, there have been code classes. This one focused on React. It was presented to us by Thomas Paoli, a trainer from the tech school; Wild Code School. He gave a demo of the features of this application.

Here is a brief summary of the different steps of his presentation. You can also watch the video of his presentation through the link available at the bottom of the article.

What is React

React is a Java script library that simplifies the work of developers to create a website. Before the creation of React, the sites were created in html, css and JavaScript. But the disadvantage was in the size of the files. They could exceed a thousand lines of code. The work was tedious.

React allows you to fragment your lines of code into blocks similar to Lego. These blocks are reusable so you don’t have to rewrite code that has already been written elsewhere. This simplifies the task and prevents you from making writing mistakes.

The creation of the site

Le header

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The Header

Before starting to code, Thomas started by creating components. These are the famous blocks that he will have to reuse.

Once these components are ready, we have to code the header with the logo of the site embedded in a banner. I let you see all the different steps in the video from 08: 20 minute to 21:07 minute.

Presentation of the offer

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La présentation de l’offre

On a website, there is the part where the offer is presented. Thomas has created three frames in which training courses will be presented. In these frames should be put images. In this part he used css to make the frames more pleasant. To this he added a paragraph. Follow the process from 21:21 minute to 56:23 minute.


The purpose of this article was to present succinctly, Thomas’ demo. The video of his run will help you to reproduce what he did. But most importantly, you can learn more from Wild Code School. They have several more detailed training and coaching courses to help you progress.

Here is the link to the video.

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