Save time developing with Myceleum

On the Learn stage, in startup safari, we talked about development. Bassem Makarem, the co-founder of Myceleum, explained what an integrated development environment is. He showed that it is possible […]

How to create a web site with React

In Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience, there have been code classes. This one focused on React. It was presented to us by Thomas Paoli, a trainer from the tech school; Wild […]

Augmented reality for education

On the Learn stage, Louis Jeannin and Clémence Rougeot from the startup Foxar presented their company. At the origin of the project, we had to find something useful for young […]

How to Learn to coding since childhood

On the Learn stage of Startup SAFARI, we welcomed Amélia MATAR, founder of the company COLORI, which has existed for 5 years. She teaches children to code in the Montessori […]