The digitalization of local authorities

The mayor of the city of Autun, Vinvent Chauvet, did us the honor to welcome Paul-Antoine de CARVILLE, deputy mayor of the city of Sens. These two men have two […]

Growing your startup despite the difficulties

It is with pleasure that I will introduce the following startup. It’s called Woodoo, and it resides in Paris. It is revolutionary and it was created by Timothée Boitouzet. In […]

How to bounce back from a crisis like RP Digital

In Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience, Ondrej SVOBODA gave the floor to Mathilde Mignon, founder of RP Digital, a digital communication agency specialized in tourism. They discussed how RP Digital dealt […]

Confer-O-Matic and the containment crisis

To the delight of several entrepreneurs, Michal Šrajer, one of the co-founders of Confer-O-Matic, shared how they dealt with the first containment. Their company was born during this period and […]