How to scale as a startup ?

How to scale as a startup ? There are questions that startups would like to have answered. What is scaling? How to scale? In Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience, Romain Mazeries, CEO of Mangopay, provides us with answers to his company’s experience. He explains how his startup has scaled and presents tips you can apply to […]

Discovery of the starup La Ruche qui dit Oui

On the Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience Stage, we had the pleasure to welcome Anita Chainiau, Product Manager, at La Ruche qui dit Oui. This article is a transcript of his passage, and you have the possibility to follow the video replay with the link available at the bottom of the page. La Ruche qui dit […]

Participatory financing by Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

Adrien Biot, Business Development Manager at Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, talks about participatory financing and how to scale. Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is a platform for participatory financing to enable projects to develop. The company does not support BtoB projects, but rather BtoC projects. Kiss Kiss Bank Bank This platform was created 12 years ago. […]

Incubators and innovation third places

Lamine Talakela, works on digital transformation, innovation, strategic content. His company is called consulting time. We had the pleasure to welcome him on April 8 in Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience, on the Scale stage to talk about Incubastreet. Here is a summary of his passage. But you can watch the video by clicking on the […]