Entrepreneurship in the health field

We had the pleasure to welcome on the Impact stage of Startup SAFARI Virtual Experience, Maëlle Batti, manager of the collaborative workspace at La Ruche. She welcomed Miora ranaivoarinosy, co-founder of Caring Company Project and Stephan Dattner, co-founder of TUTTIS. They discussed several clichés about entrepreneurship in healthcare. This article is a transcript of their […]

Changing the norm of disability in entrepreneurship

In France today, there are still many stigmas surrounding disability. We had the pleasure of welcoming Jeanne Vermeersch, head of communications at La Ruche. She moderated a round table on disability withEvelyne Cormier, Anne-Laure Baudrillart and Julie Pro, co-founders of HASC, as well as Pauline Arnaud-Blanchard and Laura Verlhac of H’UP entrepreneurs. They shared their […]

Augmented reality for education

On the Learn stage, Louis Jeannin and Clémence Rougeot from the startup Foxar presented their company. At the origin of the project, we had to find something useful for young people to understand the world around them more easily. It was also necessary to help students in difficulty at least as much as others. The […]